Success with Online Marketing

What does online marketing mean to you? Is it putting together a website throwing it up on the internet and waiting for people to find you? Is it posting a topic in Facebook and hoping that it will go viral? Is it a daily Tweet about something that is important to you?  How about a press release?

Well if you said any of these things you are partially correct because these are all forms of online marketing. But are they effective? Alone they are probably not unless you are very lucky to have hit a hot topic at the right time. It does occur but it is typically an exception to the rule. Now if you used all these things together; Facebook, Twitter, other forms of Social Media, a website, a press release, even radio advertising and flyers-well these are all key ingredients to a successful online marketing and promotion campaign. Some may say that using flyers, or radio, or a press release is not really online marketing. It is certainly part of marketing. Let me suggest that anything that brings awareness to your online site or your online presence is part of online marketing.

So how can we be successful and how do we get there? We believe the first thing that you should do is figure out your unique selling proposition. Who needs this product? What unique problem does this solve for them? Who will be most impacted by this idea and how will it improve or change their lives? These all need to be considered prior to doing anything. Without a map you will be lost. You will waste time and money and never get anywhere. So number one is to figure out your Goal. What is success to you? Is it changing the way millions of people think about a certain idea? Is it selling millions of dollars in product? Is it making your brand a household name? These are all worth considering. Have your end goal in mind before you do anything.

Next we need to figure out the demographics. If you are selling toilet paper then there really is little need other than getting it out there into the public. But what if you are selling or promoting a product for homeowners? Well first of all you would have to make sure that your source of marketing targets people that own homes. Also what type of homeowner needs this product? Is there an age group or a particular sex that would find this product especially appealing? Is there a certain income level that you would need to go after to ensure that they can afford your product?
Yes, you can target everybody but specifically targeting people that need and want your product based on their demographic will greatly improve the success of your online marketing campaign.

Now we need to work on finding these people. Are these people on Facebook or are they on LinkedIn? Do they like puppy dogs or are they more cat people? Can you reach them through twitter or are you better off using an Adwords campaign? There are many many ways of promoting your product online but if there’s no one there to see it you cannot be effective. Goes back to the question of “if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it does it make any noise?”. So you want to make sure that the avenues that you are using for your promotion will get in front of the proper audience.

There are many other facets of online marketing and this site will go into your options as well as real life experiences and testing that show the the most successful methods that we have implemented to get our message across. We hope you enjoy and learn from our site.