Dentist Getting Good Press For His Unique Approach

Sadly, between 5 percent and 8 percent of Americans avoid dental experts each year due to fear according to the Dental Worries Research study Center at the University of Washington. The American Dental Association puts that number at 40 million Americans. Not remarkably, a big percentage of this group are kids.

From a kid’s perspective, a trip to the dentist can be a petrifying situation, especially if it’s cosmetic dentistry — lying on a chair in an unfamiliar space filled with sounds and scary objects, not to mention a stranger is poking around inside your mouth with various instruments in their mouths including big needles.

The reality is that many oral phobia originates from worry of being defenseless in the dental professional’s chair while going through a treatment that typically consists of an agonizing injection. But this is the 21st century, and there are now new methods to help get rid of that discomfort and much of the fear related to a see to the dental practitioner.

One especially interesting technology is an instrument called The Wand. Utilizing a computer-controlled system, it controls the circulation of the anesthesia as it enters so it does not develop too quickly. This is very important since discomfort doesn’t come from the needle. It happens due to the fact that the pressure of providing anesthesia may be too immediately. Exactly what makes this innovation special is that it eliminates the pressure disparity of manual injections.

Most importantly, The Wand (which is no bigger than your standard pen) gets the anesthesia to the specific spot where it’s required– e.g. a single tooth– without needing to numb a large and unnecessary part of the mouth. This suggests you do not entrust the sensation of a numb tongue or a fat lip, and in the majority of cases you can return to your previous tasks immediately … including school or play dates.

Dr. Alan N. Rembos, DDS, a local dental professional with offices in Naples, Sanibel and Fort Myers, utilizes The Wand with his clients and has been for years.

“I began making use of the innovation about 20 years earlier, and a lot of my patients now request it when they come in for a procedure,” stated Dr. Rembos.

He kept in mind that the regulated shipment of anesthesia is, for him, much better than manual injections because “there’s no irregular pressure originating from a syringe plunger. That makes it more comfortable for the client.” Dr. Rembos included that, based upon patient remarks and his observations, the technology decreases the discomfort that’s typically experienced from manual injections, which is why it works terrific with kids.

The system is also more localized. “I can numb an individual tooth rather than part of the mouth,” he stated. “That usually accelerate the anesthesia shipment and the whole treatment. And it seems to subside faster too.”.

So next time your kid balks about needing to see a dental expert, think about Dr. Rembos and The Wand– and tell them the trip is going to actually make them feel better about the visit.