Try a Cocktail Wedding for Your Wedding Day

If you are looking for an elegant, classy, chic, yet affordable wedding, cocktail wedding reception is the right option for you. Unfortunately, we live in tough economic times where many young couples can’t afford to organize a wedding of their dreams. If you want to throw a beautiful wedding at an affordable price, you should definitely consider holding a cocktail reception. Learn how this type of reception can cut down your expenses.

Cost Effectiveness

A major benefit of cocktail receptions is cost-effectiveness. This type of weddings are much cheaper than traditional ones for several reasons such as less food, less tables and chairs, less decoration, and smaller locations. All the mentioned things can significantly affect the price of the entire event.


Since you are organizing a cocktail event, you will not need a full course meal as at traditional wedding receptions. Basically, all you need is a variety of stronger appetizers and lots and lots of drinks. You don’t have to have a cake. Wedding themed muffins will be sufficient or even more than enough. This type of event also doesn’t last long and doesn’t require a lot of sitting. People should rather enjoy each other by talking and dancing. Due to the nature of the event, you won’t require much chairs and tables. It is even possible to completely eliminate tables and chairs from the reception. Of course, this is only recommendable if you haven’t invited older people or small children. In case some guests are children, you should ensure you also have non-alcoholic drinks available.

Since cocktail wedding are rather minimal, you will need much less floral decoration than at traditional weddings. There won’t be any need to rent astonishing floral centerpieces, linens, silverware and cutlery. Since you won’t have a lot of sitting tables, you also won’t have to buy place cards and table decorations. The only downfall of cocktail wedding receptions is that they are not meant for a large number of guests. So, if you planned to throw a small wedding from the very start, this option is perfect for you.


If you want to accentuate the social atmosphere at your wedding, all smiles wedding venues are perfect for you. These events exclude the usage of tables and chairs, therefore people are encouraged to move, dance and talk to others. Instead of traditional wedding reception activities, except for bouquet tossing, you can come up with a lot of other elegant yet fun activities that everyone can enjoy.

Timing and Location

Cocktail weddings are carefully planned from start to the end. The event should be held between 4pm to 7pm Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres should take less time than a full traditional reception, not more than two or three hours. Since all your activities are carefully planned, no one will be bored. Another benefit is that weddings of these types don’t necessarily have to be held at a restaurant. You can opt for a terrace, a city rooftop, an art gallery or by the pool. If you have a big yard, you can also organize the event at your home.

If you are interested in throwing a cocktail wedding, check all smiles wedding venue prices here.



Affordable but Press-Worthy Wedding Ideas for Your Special Day

If you plan to get married, but you have a small budget, there is nothing to worry about. There are plenty of creative ways and ideas to organize a budget-friendly but tasteful wedding. The most important part of successful planning is to choose the wedding scene. Since marriage locations contribute the major amount to the wedding financial plan, you should choose an economical wedding venue or a package that will meet your needs and then plan the rest. Here are some press-worthy ideas for sites that can be used for the vow ceremony or reception.

Non-traditional options

If you don’t have enough money to rent a hotel or a ballroom, consider renting a garden or opting for bed and breakfast wedding packages. Gardens have a much affordable charging rate, and they have a perfect atmosphere that will set up the romantic mood. If you opt for a garden, don’t forget to check the weather. You don’t want your special day ruined by heavy rain and mud. Bed and breakfast weddings are great for elopers or for couples who don’t have a lot of time to plan every little detail of their ceremony. Every package can be customized according to the couple’s needs, so you can basically pack your entire wedding, starting from accommodation to food and decoration.

Go hunting for interesting and different places to hold a reception. You can rent an art gallery for your function, or you can rent out a government built hall that is much more economical than private halls. New places will most likely charge you less and offer your discounts to interest more clients.  

Home Sweet Home

If you need to save money on your wedding and you don’t have a lot of guests, there is no reason to pay for a venue when you can have the reception at your own home. Depending on your taste and desires, you can throw a barbecue wedding or hold a casual, relaxed ceremony. If you have a lot of guests, it may be difficult to hold a wedding at your home. A lot of guests means you will have car parking problems and you will probably have to expand your budget to rent additional seats and tables.

If you have a family member who has a bigger house or a residence with a courtyard opposite a lake or stunning view, the wedding reception can be prepared there. This is a great option because you will significantly cut your budget and have a marriage reception with an attractive view. Also, consider getting married in a smaller town instead of big capitals because everything will be a lot cheaper.

Escape Saturdays

Couples traditionally get married on Saturdays because it is appropriate, old fashioned and all your guests will be available that day. Wedding venue holders are aware of this, and that is why most of them have doubled the charge fees on Saturdays. Avoid holding your ceremony on Saturday and instead schedule it for Sundays or Fridays. Public and bank holidays can also be an excellent time to hold a reception of marriage.

Tips on Becoming a Paramedic and Obtaining Your EMT License

Being a paramedic can be a very rewarding job that each day brings you new and exciting challenges, but it is also a very stressful career that always requires a clear head, determination, and calmness. People’s favorite part of this job is that they get to take part in making a difference and making this world a better place. As a paramedic, you’ll make a vital difference to people’s lives, and you’ll often save them from life threatening situations. Famous shoulder surgeon, dr schwartz always says that next to creating lives, the most beautiful thing a man can do is to save one. So as a paramedic, you’ll basically become a real non-fictional hero.

The Duties of a Paramedic and Required Skills to Become One

The primary role of medics is to carry out emergency treatment on a victim at the scene of an accident and ensure that person is safely transported to the hospital where it will receive further necessary medical care and treatment. Your job is also to take care of the documentation, keeping records of treatment that has been given to the patient and passing these files to the hospital staff. You must pay particular attention to the documentation to avoid confusion and ensure quality cooperation between the paramedics and the hospital staff. This is all done in a way to provide maximum benefits to the patient.

paramedic course

As a part of your job, you will often be the first person that will have to handle the injured victim and to provide the quality care and emergency treatment, you must remain calm and work well under pressure. These two skills are critical if you want to become a paramedic. Your duty is to reassure the victim everything is going to be okay and show them empathy and support. If you don’t act calm, you could upset the patient making the whole situation heavier and stressful for both of you. Another essential skill you need to have to work as a medic is to have good people skills and be prepared for team work. You will almost always work in close collaboration with an ambulance technician and a doctor so you must be good around people and ready to listen to others and cooperate.

Becoming a Paramedic

Now when we have informed you about the duties and skills you should possess to successfully perform your job, we should explain to you how to become a paramedic. You first have to obtain an Emergency Medical Technician license (EMT). There are three levels of EMT – basic, intermediate and paramedic. To get a basic degree of emergency medical technician license, you must specialize in CPR. You can get the necessary training and certificate at the most of the community colleges around U.S. You also have many private schools that offer great learning programs. The course can last from 3 months to a whole year, sometimes even more. It all depends on the statutes of institutes and colleges.


You will not be able to attend training if you do not meet the next requirements and have the following:

  • at least 18 years old at the start of the training period
  • clean driving record, clean criminal background and an active driving license
  • high school diploma
  • CPR and BLS certifications
  • passed physical

After finishing the course, you will have to pass the national paramedic exam to finally obtain your license and find a job as a paramedic. Good paramedics are always needed, and we are sure you’re going to find a job very quickly.


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The Tac Con 3MR Trigger; the Gear Review

You have seen soldiers in movies stick to one kind of rifle and somewhat hate the others. When you fall in love with something, that’s it. There has to be a reason though. How it feels using one gun is never the same as using other guns. The rifles are made differently and the experience will differ even though not much. Guns are however a collection of components. That is proven by the fact that the ammunition can be removed and replaced with another one. Other parts can also be replaced if you want better experience. The trigger becomes the next target here as it has a lot to affect the gun performance. With the introduction of the Tac Con Auto Trigger, the gun enthusiasts have had their say about the component. Let’s get deeper into a general review hereof.


Fast rate shooting

Using a gun is fun but only when you don’t have trouble with your shooting rate. Some guns will insist that you shoot one bullet at a time while making adjustments after every shoot. That is far behind time. These days, the drift is towards the auto rifles that don’t waste time in between shoots. You just need to press the button once and the ammunition will fly out automatically. The problem with such machine guns is that they are expensive. So, that’s where the updated Tac Con trigger comes in. it’s a cheaper option and with an improved fire rate. You shoot faster and you don’t have to make changes to your gun. Just a simple installation.

The secret weapon; the booster

If you got an AR 15 rifle, you don’t need to change that and buy another one. No, what you need is an AR 15 trigger alone. It’s a component that comes with three modes. No one will notice it, but it has a hidden feature in it. If you go for mode 1, the gun will shoot at normal rate. But getting to auto, the secret boost comes in and you can shoot in a similar way as auto machine gun. It’s a whole new world for your gun and your experience then.


Straightforward installation

One may wonder how you can incorporate a new upgraded component to your rifle. Well, when it’s the Tac Con trigger, that’s what you get. You don’t have to waste time in the installation process. It’s a matter of minutes where you remove the old trigger and fix in the new one. You don’t need a guide to do it, trust me. If others can do it, you can do it too.

The complaints

Even with so many things being true as advertised, the users still find trouble using the new trigger. It is claimed to be crisp, but that is a feature you get with other triggers as well. At the same time, the price is also high and getting one can be an issue.

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How to apply for Canadian visa?

Canada is the great country to visit, to work or to spend some time there. No matter what is the reason to travel to Canada, it usually requires a visa.

If you want to apply for a Canadian visa, first prepare all necessary documents, and follow the instructions you are given.

If you are the citizen of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand, actually, you do not need any visa to enter Canada. You just need an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) and you can do everything you need online.

Canadian-visa-in-nigeriaETA application can be approved a few minutes after application submission. In some situations, you can be asked to submit some additional documents and, the process might last several days. So, our recommendation is to ETA before you book your flight or buy tickets.

Depending on the reason why you want to go to travel to Canada, there are different types of visas, including:

– Student visa – you need it if you want to study in Canada. When you get it, you can also bring your family with you as well as to apply for open work permits (for you and for your spouse)

– Super visa for parents and grandparents – the great opportunity for your family to join you in Canada

– Visitor visa – providing you to visit Canada, but the major requirement that you have to satisfy is, to leave Canada at the end of visa, as it is a temporary one

– Work permits – providing you a great chance to gain work experience in Canada that can finally lead you to Canadian Permanent Residence

– Business Class Immigration – dealing exclusively with business class applicants.

There is also a very interesting opportunity, to gain Working Holiday Visa in Canada. This kind of visa applications is limited to citizens coming from the countries, a part of the working holiday visa program in Canada. If you want to apply for it, you should do that on time, as the number of working holidays visa is legally limited for each year. So if you don’t get your application in quickly, you may not receive one of these rare opportunities.

If you want to apply for it, you should:

– Be a citizen of the country which is a part of IEC (International Experience Canada) program

– Have a valid passport

– Be between 18 and 35

– Pass an online interview

– Provide evidence on funds that can cover your expenses until you find job (minimum $1,000)

– Pass medical examination

– Provide police clearance certificate

– Provide an invitation letter

– Have your own health and travel insurance

– Be a student or graduate at a specific university

If you get the visa, you can enter Canada and have the right to work a part-time job as long as your visa is valid. When it expires, you have no right to renew it or to extend it. If you want to stay in Canada, you have to apply for work visa.

Many opportunities are there that this country has to offer and these were types of the visa that you should consider if you decide to go there.

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Collecting Classic Autos

Find The Best Deals On Muscle Cars Through Websites Promoting Inventory Online

Utilizing Technology To Help You Buy A Classic Car

People love classic cars. Americans have been in love with the automobile for decades, and that hasn’t changed. Some of the most sought after cars in today’s markets include Shelby Mustangs, Corvettes, Chevelles, Chargers, GTOs, and Camaros from the muscle car era. but, in order to find the right buyers, the vehicles must be promoted to the right audiences, those looking to buy classic cars.

local ads only reach so far. In many instances, local markets are limited to a small number of buyers. A seller can have the best quality classics for sale, but will not be able to profit, when trying to operate in such limited markets. Online exposure can increase awareness and can reach interested buyers. But, they have to be aware of the site to visit.

One of the best ways to reach limited audiences, with a greater potential for drawing qualified buyers, is through the use of press. Press releases can include both online and offline (such as TV or radio commercials) channels, to increase brand awareness. Google News and social media can reach thousands of potential buyers and only those looking for what is offered will take notice. The use of press can be a low cost method of strengthening the brand.

Consider all the people in the market to buy classic cars. Lots of people want to collect classic cars, and not all of them keep them. Some flip them. Many of them are looking for the muscle cars of their youth or the cars their grandparents drove. If all those potential buyers become aware of the classic car seller, they are likely to follow a link, to check out the possibility of finding what they want. There is little risk involved in following a link, to a well put together website.

There are many more buyers looking for something other than muscles cars, like roadsters or sports models. The classic car seller may not have what they want, but may know someone who does. Conversely, the buyer may have contacts from local car shows and other events, who is in the market for a muscle car. These days, word of mouth is enhanced through social media and most car buyers are computer savvy. Buyers know local classic car dealers are limited in inventory and are well aware of the fact that they may find what they want online. One referral from a press release can potentially lead to several more, with interested buyers among them.

Though the market of classic cars is plentiful, potential buyers tend to want specific models. Every family or individual car enthusiast has a favorite. A well planned press marketing effort can help find the right buyer for specific muscle car models. Exposure and brand awareness through press can bring buyers to the business, who have the motivation and the means to purchase classic cars from your inventory.

Many sellers believe there is a buyer for every car. But, that buyer must be aware of the car and must know where to look. Press marketing increases the likelihood the buyer or buyers will be able to find the car of their dreams. There is no shortage of buyers for classic cars, especially from the muscle car era. The seller simply needs a strategy, to make those buyers aware of what is being offered. Expanding reach beyond local markets and reaching the most willing buyers means getting the word out, in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Tips to begin a wedding planning business

A career in wedding planning can be a lucrative and successful venture if you do proper strategizing before you start. You can choose to learn the basic by attending institutions that offer the course as well. The entire protocol and decorum can be studied, and you can establish a thriving business. Even though the venture is exciting and profitable, you will be required to spend lots of time planning and requires one to be committed and since you will spend a lot of energies working to make the wedding perfect. This can be a stressful business as well. However, you can make the process smooth by doing simple research and follow basic guidelines before you start the business, this includes.

  1. wedding_plannerKnow the trends- To begin with, you must spend time learning and getting to know the trends. You can attend many weddings as possible and note the kind of ideas that are being used. Take photos of the same for analysis. Also, you should read magazines on weddings and look out for celebrity occasions so that you can see what is on offer. The internet plays a critical role in helping you know some of the new trends and also come up with exciting ideas that different people will like. Maybe you want to Hire a wedding photographer?
  2. Budget- To start any business, you need to have finances arranged. Therefore, if you intend to use your savings or get a lone, you should do proper research so that you know the interest rates offered by different lenders. Create an estimate of how much it will cost to start the business before you can borrow the cash required. However, with wedding planning, you don’t need much since the major things you will need are creatively, talent and vision.
  3. Get an office location- The next issue to focus on is getting a good office location where you will set up your venture. Customers tend to trust people that have a physical address where they can come in and inquire about the services and also for contract signing. However, the room should not be big since most of the time you will be outdoors.
  4. Create a good network with suppliers. Since the wedding will incorporate lots of things, you should have a good supplies chain with good firms that will not disappoint you once you get the job. Also, find good catering, florist, decorators and music bands that can make the event lively as well. This means you must create a strong network of people you can depend on.
  5. Make a good portfolio- Couples hire wedding planners because of the kind of work they can do. Therefore, you should create one that details your achievements, qualifications, and include photos of wedding you have been involved in.
  6. Advertisements- Marketing is vital if you want your business to thrive. Hence, you should come up with good promotion strategies like using the internet and other platforms.