Throw A Press Worthy Party By Hiring A Comedian

Looking To Create A Buzz? Hire A Comic For Your Next Event.

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Are you looking to throw a high end gala or fund raiser and would like to gather social media buzz or Press notes?  How about simply throwing a company party that will be the envy of your industry?  Well up the ante and don’t simply hire a DJ or a live jazz band. As a compliment to these options, consider hiring a comedian.  We have used a company by the name of the Comedian Agency with great success. There are lots of great independent comedians for hire as well, we have just used Tom who owns LolAgency, who is the owner of the company as he is the go between the comedian and we have a step above the comedian so we have someone to talk to in case there is an issue with the performance and we do not have to pay the comedian directly. Nobody knows how to work a crowd like a professional comedian. Hire a comic from LOL and see for yourself! Get ready to laugh out loud!

There are lots of benefits to bringing in a comedian. By investing in a guy or gal that can entertain your audience for an hour or so, you allow people to relax and imbibe with their favorite beverage and simply enjoy laughing and being entertained. Nothing loosens the purse strings for donations like jokes that are steered in the direction that you tell the comedian to shape them. So if you are throwing a fund raiser, giving the comedian a bit of heads up on how to do slightly pointed “digs” at the audience might give people a chuckle but create a slight discomfort which often moves people away from the discomfort and often gets them to open the pocket book more than they would have before.

Here are some great ideas to keep in mind when you are hiring a comedian.

“What the comic will Need” to go on phase with a delighted outlook:

1. KNOWLEDGE, within an hour of sitting around time, Of WHEN THEY WILL GO ON STAGE. (Dinner is at 7, awards at 8, comic at 830 – provide or take a half hour … so the comic ought to be at venue by 730/45 so up by 9pm).

2. A place to park.

3. A place to hide/chill out prior to the program: A little space off the banquet hall/showroom would be fantastic. With some water/sodas in it is sweet. It’s NICE of you to provide the comic a meal before the show but some comics do not eat prior to shows and almost none wish to, nervously, sit around with the people they will be performing for, PRIOR TO the program. Any meet/greet needs to seek the program.

4. A bottle of water/soda for before and/or during the show.

5. A MICROPHONE and base on the “phase.” NOT a podium. Never a podium. Funny is not a podium activity.

6. A stool or small table, on the stage, to PUT stated water/soda.

7. SOMEBODY to Introduce the comic. Short, sweet, succinct.

Now … You wish to employ a Comedian. Primarily, girl who is in charge of finding a comic that attract 700 politically, fairly, and religiously disparate individuals, YOU are screwed. If you go too “dumb/simple” you lose all cred as a “fun party woman” … if you go blue or dark … you get a short article about you in the LA Times. If you don’t want to PAY the comic … you get a gorgeous trifecta of blue, dumb and lame.

So here’s the very best tips to safeguard yourself and troubleshoot your choice:

1. PAY THE COMIC.  The more well-known a comic people, think more along the lines of $40-$100 per person. You get what you spend for. A comic making money works to make sure everyone is happy. A comic working for beer and dinner MIGHT wish to have more fun by drinking himself to enjoyment.

2. NOTIFY individuals attending: Comedy is an ADULT sport.
The comedian will be as clean as you want, however you need to tell them.  Hiring a clean comedian is simply a matter of asking the agency or comedian themselves if they have a clean act. Fundamental “corporate gown” for comics at these occasions is, exactly what is called, “TV Clean.” Cable/Primetime. Some swearing (not the f-word and, certainly not a joke using the N-word.

TOPICS are going to be adult. Not graphic description of sexual acts but … adult subjects. If individuals attending are sensitive … WARN them. They are not seeing a kid’s program. Private shows are different than going to a comedy club with your pals and partners. We need to all realize this. But inform the comic what you like or hate. Ideally you have actually done some research study so you understand exactly what type of comedian you’re getting.

3. Choose a comic that you like several of the samples you saw. Get their album. What the heck. Do some research study. Watch a lot of YouTube videos. But with a grain of salt.

If the video you are viewing is set in a club, and you like the majority of the jokes however the comic is swearing and dealing with their rape portion, understand that is NOT exactly what they’re going to provide for you. You can even tell them that. Since comics are individuals with brains connected to their mouths. Especially if you state plainly, “No f-word. No rape jokes. Adult topics I get … try to keep the racial and sexual stereotypes to a minimum. This is an event for DOLE … try not to go too deeply into the betrayal of Liliuokalani,” or whatever.


4. You THINK you want the comic to do 60 minutes of funny. You do NOT. Consider how long these individuals have actually been spending time this night. They collaborate all week. Or … their employer is sitting right there, WATCHING the number of glasses of wine they’re drinking …

and once more:.

5. PAY THE COMIC. No one wants to work for free.