Getting Good Press For Your Data Driven Business

Getting Good Press For Your Data Recovery Software

Press Releases


Regardless of the size or reach of your business, the importance of good marketing and public relations cannot be further emphasized. As a business owner- positive attention and awareness can bring in more phone calls, online inquiries, and customers, increasing value to your business. Good press brings all these benefits, which translate to more income to your business. Good press can also be found in blog mentions which are crafted often by the owner or an SEO Company.


Contrary to what many business owners realize, good press isn’t necessarily bought. You can get all the positive attention and feedback without the need to shell money for it; that is, if you’re willing to do a little groundwork.


Want to learn the easiest and effective ways to get free press for your company? Read on.


Many start-ups and small- to medium-sized businesses have little to no connections, and due to its limited resources, they usually operate without the help of a PR firm. If you fall within this category, you might want to get your company featured on TV or radio or in a major newspaper, popular magazine, or well-known blog. The benefits include:


  • It floods your business with inquiries from potential customers through phone calls, emails, and text messages, among other avenues.
  • A wide audience coverage can give a boost on your company’s credibility.
  • It increases public awareness regarding your brand and the products or services offered.
  • It contributes to an enhanced reputation for the business.


With all these being said, you might wonder, “How do I get major press for my business?”


First off, you need to identify which particular product or service you’d like to market. This process involves meticulously presenting your brand in a way that will make people become interested in it. Through adequate pitching, you can persuade press people to cover the marketing for you.


Promoting Your Brand


Focusing on online promotions, if you’re looking to raise awareness of your brand, it will be likely done through content. The key, however, is to create an engaging, and possibly thought-provoking, content that absorbs the reader into the message you’re trying to convey.


Getting in Touch with Press People to Help in Covering Your Brand


Assuming you now have a solid material that’s worthy of attention, who do you direct it? Creating engaging content is half the battle; the other half is knowing the audience you’re going to present it and effectively delivering the message to them.


With regards to this aspect, contact a blogger and have your content published. Or you can convince your competitor’s blogger to publish your material instead. With the blogger’s help, you can properly determine who your audience is and how to execute your marketing plan to effectively convey your message.


Retrieving Lost Valuable Data Relating to Press Mentions


Keeping track of your press mentions is tough if you’ve lost stored data. Losing valuable files may arise when someone inadvertently deletes records. Files may also be removed due to software formatting or hardware installation errors. There is also the possibility of losing important docs as a result of malware or virus infiltration.


When this happens, you can look to BinaryBiz who offers data recovery software. We offer a wide range of data recovery services to retrieve lost or dissipated valuable files or records.


Discover leading-edge technology and premium services to recover important data. Make Binary Biz your number one choice for prompt and efficient data recovery solutions.



The Advantages of Advertising Your Small Business on Social Media

If you own a small business, and you have just started, it may be difficult for people to find you, to choose your services and eventually, trust you enough to come back to you when they need your kind of services again. In the past, when there was no internet, owners of small firms had to wait years to be seen and recognized as a company that offers high quality service. You don’t have to be afraid of that in this era, because you have lots and lots of opportunities to promote yourself. Online advertising is actually the most popular and the most powerful tool of advertising in general.

If you could make yourself a powerful online presence, you are practically going to be unstoppable. The numbers of your customers will grow exponentially and you will have more chance to sell them your services or products. It doesn’t matter if you are not offering an online business, you still have to make yourself known, and you need to create some sort of identity to attract your customers easily. Through online advertising you can carefully target your customers, you can become almost a global phenomenon and you can prosper in a very short time span.


 You won’t have to spend much money on advertising because online promoting is considered very cost effective. For good online advertising, you should consider these three things – social media marketing, blogging and pay-per-click ads. In this article, we are going to talk about social media marketing. When considering social media advertising, you can start by making a page on Facebook which describes your small business and explains what kind of services are you offering. For example if you offer interpreting services you should name your page as the name of your firm, choose a category that best describes your company – in this case that is company, organization or institution, describe your team and your services in a couple of short sentences, and fill in your address so people would know where to find you. Make people like you by posting interesting and cute things which will make you look more appealing. If you own for example a pet store, post pictures of cute animals, if you own a bookstore, post your favorite quotes and so on. Instagram and Twitter are also a very powerful tool for advertising your business, so you should consider making a profile there too. You can link all three social media and make people even more aware of your presence. This way, you are going to be more successful in your promotion especially if you occasionally offer discounts or prize games. This will make people follow you, because everybody loves to get something free or cheap (because of the discount). For example, if you own interpreting services, and you have many interpreters available, you can occasionally offer a discount or a free translation of some text. Also, you can say that you offer free translation for people who are disabled, older than 65, for single parents, and so on. If you are charitable and compassionate people will surely like you and appreciate you more. You will literally bond with people in a very indirect way. Also it is very important to show your services to the people, in this case translated text. These “visible” online Translations can be used to show the expertise of your employees, but also to show again how much do you care for your customers. For example, post some medical translation and indicate that you are very happy and grateful to be given the opportunity to help someone in need. Give the people a hint that your actions are noble and honest. Act like you’re offering something nobody else has and make them to choose you because you are not only being proficient but also polite and original.

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How To Get Press Or Increase Your Reach For Your Michigan Apparel Co

How One Michigan Clothing Company Increased Their Sales And Brand Awareness

Michigan Royal Blue Hang Ten T Shirt Mens unisex

If you are a clothing or lifestyle brand, you need to build an audience.  You need to have a consistent message and voice to distribute to your potential customers.  There are so many options to buy clothing from.  There are subscription boxes, there are brick and mortar stores you can go into.  Fact is the clothing business is saturated.  But… there is always room for more if you have a value add.  Take Livnfresh as an example.  They are best known for their Michigan Clothing Line, that includes their “Fresh Coast” line up of Michigan State Pride hoodies and t shirts.

There was plenty of competition for their niche already. Except Livnfresh hit Social Media hard. They hit their Online Advertising, especially SEO hard. They focused on their branded terms and drove branded searches and used those to drive relevance in Google.  They reached out to influencers in the market place. People that are living in or are from Michigan that have an existing audience to tap into.  They encourage their customers to post pictures to their social media and tag Livnfresh in them, especially when they are wearing their gear in a new location.

When building a clothing company, you need to create an experience and make people feel like they are a part of something. For Livnfresh and many other successful brands, it was tapping into an emotional connection that people have for their home state and where they are from.  Leveraging that along with Amazing Designs like this “Hang Ten Michigan T” is what allows livnfresh to continue to drive traffic and relevance to their social media accounts as well as to their branded website.

So if you are looking to jump start your clothing company, take a page out of their playbook.  Sell from an emotional connection, deliver great designs along with a great quality product.  Over deliver and do what you love!

If you would like to learn more about Livnfresh please see them on social media below-