Dentist Getting Good Press For His Unique Approach

Sadly, between 5 percent and 8 percent of Americans avoid dental experts each year due to fear according to the Dental Worries Research study Center at the University of Washington. The American Dental Association puts that number at 40 million Americans. Not remarkably, a big percentage of this group are kids.

From a kid’s perspective, a trip to the dentist can be a petrifying situation, especially if it’s cosmetic dentistry — lying on a chair in an unfamiliar space filled with sounds and scary objects, not to mention a stranger is poking around inside your mouth with various instruments in their mouths including big needles.

The reality is that many oral phobia originates from worry of being defenseless in the dental professional’s chair while going through a treatment that typically consists of an agonizing injection. But this is the 21st century, and there are now new methods to help get rid of that discomfort and much of the fear related to a see to the dental practitioner.

One especially interesting technology is an instrument called The Wand. Utilizing a computer-controlled system, it controls the circulation of the anesthesia as it enters so it does not develop too quickly. This is very important since discomfort doesn’t come from the needle. It happens due to the fact that the pressure of providing anesthesia may be too immediately. Exactly what makes this innovation special is that it eliminates the pressure disparity of manual injections.

Most importantly, The Wand (which is no bigger than your standard pen) gets the anesthesia to the specific spot where it’s required– e.g. a single tooth– without needing to numb a large and unnecessary part of the mouth. This suggests you do not entrust the sensation of a numb tongue or a fat lip, and in the majority of cases you can return to your previous tasks immediately … including school or play dates.

Dr. Alan N. Rembos, DDS, a local dental professional with offices in Naples, Sanibel and Fort Myers, utilizes The Wand with his clients and has been for years.

“I began making use of the innovation about 20 years earlier, and a lot of my patients now request it when they come in for a procedure,” stated Dr. Rembos.

He kept in mind that the regulated shipment of anesthesia is, for him, much better than manual injections because “there’s no irregular pressure originating from a syringe plunger. That makes it more comfortable for the client.” Dr. Rembos included that, based upon patient remarks and his observations, the technology decreases the discomfort that’s typically experienced from manual injections, which is why it works terrific with kids.

The system is also more localized. “I can numb an individual tooth rather than part of the mouth,” he stated. “That usually accelerate the anesthesia shipment and the whole treatment. And it seems to subside faster too.”.

So next time your kid balks about needing to see a dental expert, think about Dr. Rembos and The Wand– and tell them the trip is going to actually make them feel better about the visit.

Throw A Press Worthy Party By Hiring A Comedian

Looking To Create A Buzz? Hire A Comic For Your Next Event.

clean comedian

Are you looking to throw a high end gala or fund raiser and would like to gather social media buzz or Press notes?  How about simply throwing a company party that will be the envy of your industry?  Well up the ante and don’t simply hire a DJ or a live jazz band. As a compliment to these options, consider hiring a comedian.  We have used a company by the name of the Comedian Agency with great success. There are lots of great independent comedians for hire as well, we have just used Tom who owns LolAgency, who is the owner of the company as he is the go between the comedian and we have a step above the comedian so we have someone to talk to in case there is an issue with the performance and we do not have to pay the comedian directly. Nobody knows how to work a crowd like a professional comedian. Hire a comic from LOL and see for yourself! Get ready to laugh out loud!

There are lots of benefits to bringing in a comedian. By investing in a guy or gal that can entertain your audience for an hour or so, you allow people to relax and imbibe with their favorite beverage and simply enjoy laughing and being entertained. Nothing loosens the purse strings for donations like jokes that are steered in the direction that you tell the comedian to shape them. So if you are throwing a fund raiser, giving the comedian a bit of heads up on how to do slightly pointed “digs” at the audience might give people a chuckle but create a slight discomfort which often moves people away from the discomfort and often gets them to open the pocket book more than they would have before.

Here are some great ideas to keep in mind when you are hiring a comedian.

“What the comic will Need” to go on phase with a delighted outlook:

1. KNOWLEDGE, within an hour of sitting around time, Of WHEN THEY WILL GO ON STAGE. (Dinner is at 7, awards at 8, comic at 830 – provide or take a half hour … so the comic ought to be at venue by 730/45 so up by 9pm).

2. A place to park.

3. A place to hide/chill out prior to the program: A little space off the banquet hall/showroom would be fantastic. With some water/sodas in it is sweet. It’s NICE of you to provide the comic a meal before the show but some comics do not eat prior to shows and almost none wish to, nervously, sit around with the people they will be performing for, PRIOR TO the program. Any meet/greet needs to seek the program.

4. A bottle of water/soda for before and/or during the show.

5. A MICROPHONE and base on the “phase.” NOT a podium. Never a podium. Funny is not a podium activity.

6. A stool or small table, on the stage, to PUT stated water/soda.

7. SOMEBODY to Introduce the comic. Short, sweet, succinct.

Now … You wish to employ a Comedian. Primarily, girl who is in charge of finding a comic that attract 700 politically, fairly, and religiously disparate individuals, YOU are screwed. If you go too “dumb/simple” you lose all cred as a “fun party woman” … if you go blue or dark … you get a short article about you in the LA Times. If you don’t want to PAY the comic … you get a gorgeous trifecta of blue, dumb and lame.

So here’s the very best tips to safeguard yourself and troubleshoot your choice:

1. PAY THE COMIC.  The more well-known a comic people, think more along the lines of $40-$100 per person. You get what you spend for. A comic making money works to make sure everyone is happy. A comic working for beer and dinner MIGHT wish to have more fun by drinking himself to enjoyment.

2. NOTIFY individuals attending: Comedy is an ADULT sport.
The comedian will be as clean as you want, however you need to tell them.  Hiring a clean comedian is simply a matter of asking the agency or comedian themselves if they have a clean act. Fundamental “corporate gown” for comics at these occasions is, exactly what is called, “TV Clean.” Cable/Primetime. Some swearing (not the f-word and, certainly not a joke using the N-word.

TOPICS are going to be adult. Not graphic description of sexual acts but … adult subjects. If individuals attending are sensitive … WARN them. They are not seeing a kid’s program. Private shows are different than going to a comedy club with your pals and partners. We need to all realize this. But inform the comic what you like or hate. Ideally you have actually done some research study so you understand exactly what type of comedian you’re getting.

3. Choose a comic that you like several of the samples you saw. Get their album. What the heck. Do some research study. Watch a lot of YouTube videos. But with a grain of salt.

If the video you are viewing is set in a club, and you like the majority of the jokes however the comic is swearing and dealing with their rape portion, understand that is NOT exactly what they’re going to provide for you. You can even tell them that. Since comics are individuals with brains connected to their mouths. Especially if you state plainly, “No f-word. No rape jokes. Adult topics I get … try to keep the racial and sexual stereotypes to a minimum. This is an event for DOLE … try not to go too deeply into the betrayal of Liliuokalani,” or whatever.


4. You THINK you want the comic to do 60 minutes of funny. You do NOT. Consider how long these individuals have actually been spending time this night. They collaborate all week. Or … their employer is sitting right there, WATCHING the number of glasses of wine they’re drinking …

and once more:.

5. PAY THE COMIC. No one wants to work for free.

Did Your Drunk Driving Arrest Make The Press?

Drunk Driving is a serious crime that unfortunately, many people do not take as seriously as they should. Drunk drivers do not only put themselves at risk, but they also put other drivers on the road in danger as well. Although Milwaukee attorneys make their money off of the mistakes of drunk drivers and other lawbreakers, they do not promote the behavior. When possible, OWI lawyers in Milwaukee take measures to reduce drunk driving, but in the case of someone who made the mistake of operating while under the influence of alcohol, they do their best to protect the rights of their clients.

If make the mistake of driving under the influence in Milwaukee, and you get in an accident, then you need to look into hiring Milwaukee attorneys to make sure that you do not get the maximum penalty. If your accident was so bad that it ended up on the morning news, then you need to hire the best DUI attorney in Milwaukee to represent you and defend you. With a high-profile DUI case that has been shown on the news, a lot of people will be against you to start, so you need a lawyer who has had experience with higher profile cases and the media.

You need a lawyer who can handle a DUI that was on the news

You need a Milwaukee attorney who can not only manage the stress of a complicated DUI case but the pressure of media coverage of the case as well. Media coverage adds a difficult obstacle in your case. People are against drunk driving in general because it is stupid and reckless, but they will be more against you and your lawyer because your case will be shown on local media outlets. If you think facing the jury is hard, just wait until the press and your neighbors start whispering.

How to find the right lawyer

Finding a lawyer who will represent your case will be easy, but finding the right lawyer may be more difficult. There are many decent Milwaukee attorneys out there who will be happy to take on such a big case, but not all of them will have the experience and mentality necessary to win your case. So how do you find the best OWI lawyer in Milwaukee who can represent you in your case?

You will need to get help from your family and friends to find your lawyer. Ask around for people who have had to use the services of a DUI lawyer in the past. Someone may already know about the lawyer who can win your case. If no one knows of a lawyer, then it is necessary to get your team of friends and family to help you search online for the top lawyers in Milwaukee. You and your team will need to read through websites and reviews to find an aggressive DUI defense lawyer who can fight against the charges and the media.

Marketing Ideas For Your Carpet Cleaning Business

Getting noticed in the carpet cleaning industry is not always easy. There can be massive amounts of competition in your local market. The good news is that there are lots of simple, inexpensive ways to make people aware of your brand and keep them engaged. Following are several, easy marketing ideas for your carpet cleaning company.

carpet cleaning equipment

Tell people how to troubleshoot their own, minor problems so that they can avoid the costs of hiring professionals. This might seem counterproductive, but it works. Sharing valuable, truthful information builds trust and it makes people more likely to choose your company over your competitors when they have larger problems that they cannot troubleshoot on their own. This can be as easy as writing blogs about eliminating pet urine smells or getting rid of beverage stains.

Create a carpet cleaning blog that is linked directly to your website and fill it with a vast range of helpful content. Rather than posting articles on third-party platforms, generate content that drives people right to your site. This way, should your words inspire them to make positive hiring decisions, they will already be on your pages.

Link up with companies in related fields and use each other’s websites to promote your business. For instance, you can write a guest post on the pages of a trusted, local, water damage restoration service. When consumers use these services, they also have a need for carpet cleaners as well. Thus, it pays to have your businesses linked together.

Stop underestimating the power of social networking sites and start leveraging these to build brand awareness. Not only are these platforms great for getting your brand seen, but they can also help you establish a strong and personable image. Find out what topics are currently trending on the web and then create posts that link these back to your business. You can also give a show of goodwill by donating a percentage of your sales to a worthy cause that has recently made the news.

Establish an email marketing campaign for your carpet cleaning business that people can opt into for regular newsletters and special savings opportunities. You can use this publication to keep people up to date on any changes in carpet cleaning tools and technology. If there are seasonal issues that impact the need for your services, these can also be mentioned. Given that subscribers will have access to lower prices than people who don’t opt in, people will have plenty of incentive to sign up.

Incite a sense of urgency among your local market by making property owners an offer they cannot refuse and then placing a time restriction on the offer. People tend to act fast when they know that there’s a chance they may miss out. You can do this via social media, or you can send out an urgent update to your email subscribers.

Give your loyal customers a real reason to return to your business. Although you’re probably heavily focused on finding and converting new prospects, the most valuable assets that you current have are your existing clients. It will cost a lot less and take far less time to get these people to spend money with you again than it will cost to build a single, new relationship from the ground up. Create a loyalty program for past service users and advertise this in your blog, in email marketing messages and via social media platforms.

Success with Online Marketing

What does online marketing mean to you? Is it putting together a website throwing it up on the internet and waiting for people to find you? Is it posting a topic in Facebook and hoping that it will go viral? Is it a daily Tweet about something that is important to you?  How about a press release?

Well if you said any of these things you are partially correct because these are all forms of online marketing. But are they effective? Alone they are probably not unless you are very lucky to have hit a hot topic at the right time. It does occur but it is typically an exception to the rule. Now if you used all these things together; Facebook, Twitter, other forms of Social Media, a website, a press release, even radio advertising and flyers-well these are all key ingredients to a successful online marketing and promotion campaign. Some may say that using flyers, or radio, or a press release is not really online marketing. It is certainly part of marketing. Let me suggest that anything that brings awareness to your online site or your online presence is part of online marketing.

So how can we be successful and how do we get there? We believe the first thing that you should do is figure out your unique selling proposition. Who needs this product? What unique problem does this solve for them? Who will be most impacted by this idea and how will it improve or change their lives? These all need to be considered prior to doing anything. Without a map you will be lost. You will waste time and money and never get anywhere. So number one is to figure out your Goal. What is success to you? Is it changing the way millions of people think about a certain idea? Is it selling millions of dollars in product? Is it making your brand a household name? These are all worth considering. Have your end goal in mind before you do anything.

Next we need to figure out the demographics. If you are selling toilet paper then there really is little need other than getting it out there into the public. But what if you are selling or promoting a product for homeowners? Well first of all you would have to make sure that your source of marketing targets people that own homes. Also what type of homeowner needs this product? Is there an age group or a particular sex that would find this product especially appealing? Is there a certain income level that you would need to go after to ensure that they can afford your product?
Yes, you can target everybody but specifically targeting people that need and want your product based on their demographic will greatly improve the success of your online marketing campaign.

Now we need to work on finding these people. Are these people on Facebook or are they on LinkedIn? Do they like puppy dogs or are they more cat people? Can you reach them through twitter or are you better off using an Adwords campaign? There are many many ways of promoting your product online but if there’s no one there to see it you cannot be effective. Goes back to the question of “if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it does it make any noise?”. So you want to make sure that the avenues that you are using for your promotion will get in front of the proper audience.

There are many other facets of online marketing and this site will go into your options as well as real life experiences and testing that show the the most successful methods that we have implemented to get our message across. We hope you enjoy and learn from our site.




How To Get Press Or Increase Your Reach For Your Michigan Apparel Co

How One Michigan Clothing Company Increased Their Sales And Brand Awareness

Michigan Royal Blue Hang Ten T Shirt Mens unisex

If you are a clothing or lifestyle brand, you need to build an audience.  You need to have a consistent message and voice to distribute to your potential customers.  There are so many options to buy clothing from.  There are subscription boxes, there are brick and mortar stores you can go into.  Fact is the clothing business is saturated.  But… there is always room for more if you have a value add.  Take Livnfresh as an example.  They are best known for their Michigan Clothing Line, that includes their “Fresh Coast” line up of Michigan State Pride hoodies and t shirts.

There was plenty of competition for their niche already. Except Livnfresh hit Social Media hard. They hit their Online Advertising, especially SEO hard. They focused on their branded terms and drove branded searches and used those to drive relevance in Google.  They reached out to influencers in the market place. People that are living in or are from Michigan that have an existing audience to tap into.  They encourage their customers to post pictures to their social media and tag Livnfresh in them, especially when they are wearing their gear in a new location.

When building a clothing company, you need to create an experience and make people feel like they are a part of something. For Livnfresh and many other successful brands, it was tapping into an emotional connection that people have for their home state and where they are from.  Leveraging that along with Amazing Designs like this “Hang Ten Michigan T” is what allows livnfresh to continue to drive traffic and relevance to their social media accounts as well as to their branded website.

So if you are looking to jump start your clothing company, take a page out of their playbook.  Sell from an emotional connection, deliver great designs along with a great quality product.  Over deliver and do what you love!

If you would like to learn more about Livnfresh please see them on social media below-




Make Your DIY Projects A Big Online Success

received a couple of concerns recently about ways to tackle offering your DIY tasks online. While it might appear like a complicated job, producing an ecommerce shop to offer what you have actually made can open lots of doors. Clearly the chance to make a little cash is a big incentive, but you also produce a broader audience for yourself and your work. Another benefit is the capability to sell 24/7– not simply once a week at the regional artisan market. There are a couple of highly relied on and reputable choices for establishing an online store and shopping cart. The 2 popular platforms I advise looking into are Bigcommerce and Shopify. Both offer comparable plans, but we’ll look further into the information to help you make the ideal option for your store.

If you take a look at the various prices alternatives for Bigcommerce and Shopify, you’ll discover they look extremely comparable. Both platforms provide three tiers of plans to select from, however upon closer assessment, they have slight distinctions that may matter to you and your store. The base plan for each is the minimum you require for setting up a store, with Bigcommerce costing $34.95/ month and Shopify ringing in at $29/month. Shopify’s standard plan is less expensive, however allows for less storage (1GB compared with Bigcommerce’s 5GB). While Shopify has a no deal fee throughout the board for every single bundle they provide, Bigcommerce has a 2 % transaction fee for it’s least expensive alternative. On the subject of deal fees, the main thing to note is that if you already have a charge card processor, there is an excellent chance you can utilize them. The mid-level plan, which both platforms boast as their most popular, is more costly, however you get more functions and support than the standard level. Bigcommerce charges $79.95 and Shopify charges $79 for the mid-level bundle. It’s practically the same cost, though Bigcommerce provides you endless storage, Shopify does provide 5GB. Both of the platforms supply extra functions not included in the basic/entry level package.

Something that Bigcommerce offers that Shopify does not is the option to sign up with yearly pricing. If you plan on making your online shop a long term financial investment, this might be a good choice as you will save 10 % as compared to simply paying the month-to-month price. If you’re simply testing out the waters with offering your jobs online, this may not be the very best alternative.

homemade-diyDesign & Setup
Bigcommerce and Shopify both strive making establishing an Ecommerce shop exceptionally basic. Both platforms have big databases of 100+ adjustable design styles for your shop, so having an attractive storefront is simple. The templates they have are easy to setup, so no need to stress about web design abilities you might or might not possess. If you do have that capability, you have the ability to include CSS and HTML to more personalize your shop if you ‘d like complete control. Both sites likewise have developers and designers readily available for hire making your storefront truly stand apart. Both Bigcommerce and Shopify make having a stunning design a breeze, however if design and color is important to your website, Shopify provides more freedom to change your color scheme any method you ‘d like, down to the extremely last link.

As far as the real shopping cart, Bigcommerce and Shopify make it simple to start offering right away. You have the ability to accept or select many different forms of payment, shipping choices, languages, and currencies, and be confident that the checkout procedure is easy and safe and secure. Your online shop will be a completely working site, total with navigation, content pages, as well as a blogging platform. With design and setup made this easy, it is possible to get your storefront operating within a day.

SEO & Marketing
You don’t have to be a marketing wizard to offer your Do It Yourself developments and get your name out there. Integrated seo for both Bigcommerce and Shopify users is something that sets these 2 platforms apart from other shopping carts. Getting your store to appear in search results will grow your audience and reach and will eventually help you to be more successful selling online. diy-pete-screen-shot-bigcommerce-seo Other marketing strategies are easy as well. Companies small and large integrate social networking into their marketing strategies, and you can quickly do the exact same with Bigcommerce and Shopify, enabling consumers to share your store and items across tons of social networks websites. You can also make use of targeted email marketing, develop discount coupons or discount codes for your products, and get the 411 on your sales with in-depth analytics. Both platforms provide marketing credits with Google AdWords, and brand-new Shopify users also get a $50 credit for marketing on Facebook.

Bigcommerce and Shopify users have the ability to integrate many different apps and plugins for their shop with just the click of a button. Apps can go a long method in helping your store achieve success. Anything your online shop may need is virtually certain to be an app, offering uncomplicated methods to handle inventories, track shipments, draw in brand-new visitors, and everything in between.

If you plan on offering both online and in a physical retail setting, like an arts bazaar, you can effortlessly sync products and orders with your online store to keep everything precise and current.

Both Bigcommerce and Shopify are great, effective platforms for establishing an online shop. It’s a lot easier than you ‘d think to offer your DIY tasks online, and it is a beneficial investment for the weekend enthusiast or the skilled business person or lady. If the thought of setting up a personal Ecommerce website still appears like a huge action, Etsy may be an ideal option. Etsy is a online marketplace for DIY’ers, crafters, and artists. They take the Do It Yourself from establishing an online shop, so you can focus entirely on your craft and what you wish to sell.

I hope this post debunks the procedure of creating an online shop and inspires you to sell your own remarkable Do It Yourself tasks!

Article provided by Arizona Garage Makeover Specialist

How To Get Press For Your Chiropractic Company

Marketing pointers for Chiropractic specialists

I provide these suggestions to help you broaden and develop a dream Chiropractic practice. They remain in a rough order of priority.

1. Understand that the bulk of the population has been deceived by vested interests into thinking that every back pain, ache and discomfort can be “treated” by taking drugs (smartly camouflaged as medications). You have powerful competitors from the drug companies and “standard” medication. Therefore Chiropractors have to position themselves against this. e.g. “Drug complimentary treatments to effectively ease neck and back pain from Jones Health Center.” While not everybody will buy into this there are growing variety of informed customers who will. Part of your objective is to inform.

2. If you have successful actions that are working do not change them. e.g. Yellow Pages might still work in some areas. Postcard mailings might still work. Especially in little cities, networking at Chambers of Commerce and associated functions. Nevertheless, remember that many marketing and Public Relations is moving on line to the Internet.

3. If your practice is actually slow, then you and your personnel have to get on the phone and call past clients and potential customers into your workplace. Something like. “Barbara, we kept in mind that you have not enjoyed the office for awhile, the physician wants to see you. What day would you like to can be found in? …”.

4. By far the best marketing in the world is word of mouth. Referrals alone might be the # 1 most successful advertising action that you could do. And it costs almost absolutely nothing to execute. To be reliable you require a system and you have to press it.

– Create an offer that is remarkable. e.g. “Comprehensive nutritional testing and consultation $25, regular charge $295.” Make it fantastic like your excellent services.

– Get recommendation cards printed that have your business card on the front and the referral offer on the back. Example for the text on the back of the card:.

“Comprehensive nutritional screening and assessment $25, regular charge $295. Referred by: ______________”.

– Get your personnel to give out the recommendation cards to their buddies. Reward them for each brand-new patient and make it a huge offer. Survey your employees to identify what they would like for a reward which could be as easy as film tickets. Make sure to treat your personnel so they are strolling reviews.

– Give recommendation cards to your existing clients (by far your finest “salespersons”) to offer to their family and friends. Reward them for each new client and make it a huge offer. The benefit might flowers, totally free modification, free massage, etc.

– Actively press the referral program. Getting new patients is the lifeblood of a practice.

4. Newsletter by email. Produce a routine newsletter that has intriguing health information, news about your workplace (the receptionist had a child) with pix and testimonials. There are low cost (costs begin around $25 month) email distribution services like Constant Contact that you can utilize. They have great deals of skillfully created free newsletter design templates to select from and it is relatively simple to create the newsletter. You will have to collect email addresses from your patients. You can utilize a different from (Sign up for our complimentary month-to-month newsletter) or merely include it to your client forms. More information in this post.

5. A website is a very reliable tool. Also blog sites are excellent. You can now develop an entire website on a blog platform (how the site is configured) such as WordPress. Depending upon your budget you can start with the blog and an a few pages – About Us and Contact. Then you can fairly quickly add brand-new pages e.g. a Services page for each of your services. Simply put these are the actions to build a website/blog:.

– Keyword research study.

– Compose the copy (text) for each page.

– Get a programmer to construct the site and include the content. e.g. using a WordPress theme (template).

– Release the website and promote it in all your other marketing products – business cards, letterhead and social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook.

6. Register your site for regional visibility with Google, Yahoo and Bing.

7. Produce a profile on recommendation websites like Yelp and Angie’s List. Encourage delighted patients to provide you a suggestion. Make this a regular action in your office. Make sure to keep an eye on these websites as you could likewise get a bad evaluation which you can deal with.

8. Produce a business page on Facebook. This is separate from your individual profile. You can use the exact same offer from your referral program. Spend a little time every day promoting it as it can be a good source of brand-new business…