The best rated mattress of 2017

There are many mattress brands and models available today with most mattress makers upgrading and introducing new brands in the market every day. This coupled with the fact that there is not enough data available from the customers makes it hard for mattresses rating. However using the customer reviews on the company websites and also from data collected by other websites from the customers the mattresses available in the market today have been rated. The ratings on the mattresses are based on customer satisfaction, price, durability, technology and comfort.

The best type of mattress in the market today is the memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses have rated high in review website giving up to 85% customer satisfaction. This is because of the durability and pocket friendly prices of the memory foam brand. Although the inner spring mattresses are also very common the customer satisfaction in most websites is only around 60%. This shows that there is still room for improvement in this category of mattresses if people are to rate them higher. Other mattresses that are commonly used and rated highly include; latex foam mattresses, airbeds, waterbeds and gel based beds.

The most highly rated mattress of 2017 is the Amerisleep Liberty Revere Mattress. Amerisleep liberty has received a star rating of 4.7 from over 500 confirmed customers on its website. In total the liberty has over one thousand  reviews. That’s one of the most reviewed mattress on the internet which makes it rank highly. The mattress is made from plant based foam that makes it one of the most eco friendly mattresses available. The process of making the foam is also eco-friendly with fewer emissions that could harm the environment. The mattress is covered in a Celliant cover. Celliant is clinically proven to increase blood flow in the body therefore sleeping on a celliant infused cover helps your blood circulate better. Good circulation comes with other good effects to the body like temperature regulation.  The mattress is also durable and is made of high density foam. The price for the mattress is $1200 for the queen mattress size with the king size going at $1500.

The other mattresses that are highly rated are; The Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze which has 4.5 stars out of five, the BedInaBox Tranquility gel with 4.3 stars, the Sealy Optimum Elation Gold with 3.8 stars and the Serta iComfort Prodigy III with 4.0 stars. These mattresses are all advanced in technology and are able to meet individual needs of the customers. A mattress is one a ‘one size fits all’ kind of product therefore ratings may drop due to poor ratings from some customers but having an above average kind of rating amongst all the available brands is a huge success. More mattresses are coming up and the ratings keep changing so stay on the lookout for newer products. You can also check serta mattress reviews.

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Get Your Roof Repairs Done By Experts

Specialization is the order of the day. In the past, anybody claiming to be an expert in home maintenance could be called upon for any kind of repair task. These days though, only the expert in roof repairs will be best suited for the job. That’s how simple and convenient things are as people do the tasks that they are qualified for. But the problem of people craving to be experts is still a problem. Homeowners will be forced into DIY roof repairs by the desire to save money. The web is also encouraging people to go for DIY by providing a lot of content regarding the DIY procedures for roof repairs. Little do they know the risk that comes with guesswork? Instead of making matters worse and invite a bigger quote for repairs, why not let your repairs be done by the expert ones and for all?


You can compare prices

After discovering that the roof defect exists, you need to invite an expert for repairs. You don’t have to invite only one. Here is the procedure. You have the right to invite several of them and let them see the work load and make estimation for prices. The quotes you get can then be compared so that you pick the cheapest and most convenient. Note that I didn’t say cheapest only. There are other factors like professionalism that must come to play on top of the cost. It is very unlikely that the experts will give the wrong quote as they want to win the opportunity. Competition in the roof repair companies works to the advantage of the clients. You better make use of it.


Roof replacement

Identifying the problem is one thing, fixing it is another. After identifying your contractor, it’s time to get to work. Where it’s a matter of repairs, there are no much complications involved. You can have the shingles replaced and proper measures taken to ensure that the area is fully repaired to be free of any more defects. Where the damages are extensive and beyond repair, eastern Melbourne roofing companies will come in with the idea of roof replacement as the ideal solution. That will call for some additional labor including a carpenter to reinstall the framework. That’s why you need to consider professionalism when comparing quotes.

Follow up services

You had your roof installed in the stage of house construction. But now the roof is already out of place and tearing apart. The main reason for that is that you never took the right measures to maintain the roof. With regular checkups, the roof will always have a longer lifetime. Hoping you learnt something out of that, you can’t leave the bit for regular checkups just like that. The experts know how the roof defects develop and they will check deep to find out if there is any problem upcoming. They will then treat it before it becomes a real menace.

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Have a press worthy bathroom

Many people want to make their home unique and more beautiful. House renovating is not very challenging if you hire experts to do it. If you have no idea what to do and what would look good, and want to make most out of your house call interior designers as they will help you with it. Their job is to work with you, to see what you like and what are you looking for in a house, to get to know your taste, and to use this information to provide you with gorgeous house that looks exactly like you wanted and desired for years.

You maybe have many ideas for your home and you imagined how it should look in your head, but the hard part is to know how to make those dreams a reality. That’s where interior designers step in. If you live in or near Boston look for Boston interior designers. 

bath 3

Today many contracting firms are specialized on renovation of just one area or room of the house. People mostly look for firms that are specialized in bathroom renovation. Bathrooms are one part of the house that offer solace and comfort so they deserve a lot of attention. When thinking about how would you like your bathroom to look, always make sure it matches the style of your home, and think of a look that would provide you a comfortable retreat. The key to creating great bathroom is to combine creativity, style and logic. Also, you can look at pictures of other people’s bathrooms for an inspiration, if you are not sure how do you want it to look like.

In order to achieve the bathroom renovating effect you wanted, you have to plan properly. Decide on the theme and style that you want for it, decide what accessories should you add that would fit the look of bathroom. If you are not really good at those things don’t worry because you can hire professionals. But professionals have to know at least approximately what you like and what you don’t like so that they are able to make your dreams reality. One common misconception among people is that a small bathroom cannot be remodeled, or that there is just not much you can do when you have very little space to work with, but professionals can make anything work so don’t give up on hope. Some suggestions for small bathrooms are to get rid of any storage area as it adds to the bulky appearance, to add light colored tiles as they make the bathroom look bigger and to add mirrors to give the effect of a larger space.


Hiring professionals will save you a lot of stress and you can be sure the job will be done properly. Just pick those who can give a shape to your creative ideas. Important thing when it comes to renovating is to find a team of experts that you can trust. Ask your friends if they know any firm that is good, or check bathroom decor by Janine Dowling as pictures speak for themselves, you can see they know what they are doing. Professionals can make your bathroom look more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

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